Iqra Akram

Iqra Akram belongs to Chishtian, tehsil in BahawalNagar District, Punjab, Pakistan. After her early education in her hometown, she got admission in UET, Lahore into their Electrical Engineering Program. She finished her degree with the gold medal and started her professional career being a Lab Engineer at NU-FAST, Islamabad Campus. In the same year, she also started her Masters in Electrical Engineering from SEECS-NUST in their eveneing program. With this, she co-founded a startup weePro STEAM trainings and executed the initial robotics camp with speed literacy program students from Vision21 NGO. …

Apply, Apply Apply for international programs. Stop overthinking and open the link to apply

1- EPFL Scholarship is open for second year and above degree students of engineering and computing degrees from bachelors and masters program. PhD students are not allowed.

2- It’s global program and student participates every year from all around the world.

3- #EPFL is about three month commitment (May-Sep) that includes accommodation, stipend and airfare from and to home country. You will be working with a specific lab on their project with a specific team throughout the whole duration.

4- Deadline: November 29,2020 and you…

Episode-II: Stepping into Snow with warm welcome

On all the days, what we found in abundance was snow all around. I still remember a view from window while sitting in lounge with book in hand, facing Snowy mountains. Being a person born and raised in central part of Pakistan, it was dream come true. By getting up in the day, we used to hear from our host family ‘baraf aaj b paray gi, mausam saaf nahi hai’ although we were unable to map their reading at that moment but they were true.

Early morning view form room window

It was our first journey to Gilgit by air. We booked our flight, then cancelled…

Lost in Crowd

I usually end up seeing profiles on LinkedIn with a description as ‘Student’ and knowing them in-person; few are amazing at web design, few more are known for opting coding as a hobby, few are known for their convincing power and hence the CR of class, and there are some as go-to person when anyone needs to write an application etc but they dont depict their potential and put them as just a ‘student’. …

Episode-I: Stepping into snow-land

When I say Ghizer, I have to explain to most of the people that where it is on the map. Ghizer district is a beautiful part of Gilgit Baltistan region. It’s a crossroad from Gilgit to Shandur pass and Chitral. I got to see Ghizer in January 2019 when it was all covered with dense snow. It was heavy snow falling which was even unusual for the locals. A 60+ man said that, he never saw this ever in his life before. It was a freezing temperature where our phone batteries refused to be charged.

It was end of January…

PWiC Islamabad community gathered in The CoffeeBean & Tea Leaf, F-11, Islamabad on Jan 09, 2020 to know more women in their tribe. It was planned from 3:00pm onwards and we found enthusiast around even before that.

Meeting the folks and Debrief to Participants

In first half an hour, we found most of the women joining in; few were coming from their offices or few were faculty at different Universities in Islamabad while few were University students. Many of the them were regular attendee of PWiC Islamabad events but we also got new folks added up.

Everyone introduced herself and it was great to have diverse profiles…

PWiC Islamabad kick-started its 2020 activities with an enlightening seminar on how to get hired by the top giants in the international market. The event took place on January 3, 2020 at FAST-NU Islamabad and was conducted by two experienced international industry professionals: Hira Waqar and Sadia Naz.

The interactive seminar was attended by a diverse audience ranging from first-year university students to fresh graduates and local industry professionals.

The key pointers for resume-making, job and industry research, LinkedIn profile, self-branding and effective networking were discussed at length for securing dreams jobs in tech giants.

Partner and Collaborator

It was conducted in collaboration…

The very first chapter of PWiC was established in Islamabad back in December 2018 with an enthusiastic networking event. While gearing ahead, PWiC established itself further which is evident from the recent recruitment drive. Here, we have the league ready for 2020 with the energy to lead and a vision to connect, learn and grow together. Introducing each member of the team;

Sidra Irshad, Chapter Lead || DevOps Lead @ Software Productivity Strategists (SPS)

Sidra bring her experience and knowledge in both domains of industry and Academia, which spans over a decade. Previously, she has worked at PLUMgrid and LMKR…

Deadline for Scholarships and committee volunteers are coming closer so here we have common questions coming across;

Student: I m in my final year, Can I apply for student Scholarship?

To be a student scholar, you need to be a student when you are attending conference. So, being in final year won’t give you that leverage.

Student: How much GPA influence the scholarship?

GPA does matter along your personal credentials and community drive. GPA is not the foremost criteria to filter your profile but it surely helps.

Student: I never worked in any Community or Society so am I not…

Grace hopper celebrations — GHC is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. GHC’20 will be Sep. 29 — Oct. 2 in Orlando, Florida, USA. In 2018, It was attended by 20,000+ attendees from 78 countries including 4767 students from 392 institutes worldwide. While in 2019,number of attendees were around 25,000 from 94 countries including 950 scholars from 893 universities.

It offers hands-on workshops and seminars on technical tracks including; Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Emerging Technologies, Human Computer Interaction, Interactive Media, AR/VR and mixed Reality, IOT, Software Engineering, Product management, Startups, Security and Privacy. It also includes a day long…

Saba Malik

Passionate Faculty Member at #FAST || Global Lead at #PWiC || #Techwomen fellow || #GHC Scholar ||#mentor || #ChangeMaker || #Applied Research enthusiast

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